Behind the lens: What drones do beyond images 5-7 minutes Frequently used to capture images and video to show clients and use in marketing materials, drones are becoming more commonplace on jobsites, with 57% of respondents to a recent JBKnowledge 2018 ConTech survey indicating their firms use the technology. Beyond capturing images and video footage, however, […]

How drones are saving millions for construction companies The construction industry might be slow to adopt new technologies, but it’s certainly getting more and more comfortable with drones. In the construction industry, technology has the power to disrupt existing workflows and transform traditional processes — however, most businesses aren’t interested. Using 3D printing, for example, […]

Why training and coordination is needed for effective integration of UAS into disaster management By Christopher Todd MIAMI – Last year’s hurricane season was a benchmark year for the role of drones in emergency management.  Harvey, Irma, and Maria all had varying characteristics that served well to showcase the benefits that unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) […]

Drones and the ‘Digital Transformation’ of the Construction Industry By Stefan Tasevski Published on August 26, 2018 The digital economy has always had an impact on the traditional economy. Ever since its inception, the impact of the digital economy has been massive. However, the most interesting part of it have always been the new and […]

Are drones the new terrorist weapon? Someone tried to kill Venezuela’s president with one. by Nicholas Grossman 7-9 minutes Venezuelan National Guard soldiers scatter during an explosion as President Nicolás Maduro was speaking on Aug. 4 in Caracas. (Venezuelan Government TV/REUTERS) August 10 at 6:00 AM Last week, someone tried to kill Venezuelan President Nicolás […]

Unknown Drones Attack Russian Base in Syria Two Days in Row – MoD Sputnik 2 minutes Middle East11:34 22.07.2018(updated 12:19 22.07.2018)  On Saturday the Russian Defense Ministry’s Reconciliation Center already reported that a drone launched from a militant-controlled area had been detected and destroyed near the Hmeymim airbase in Syria. According to the Hmeymim airbase representative, […]

Unmanned-Aircraft Industry Divided Over New Name for Drones Sputnik 3-4 minutes The unmanned aircraft industry rejects the term "drone" claiming it is technically inaccurate, however companies are divided on a new name for the devices, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. MOSCOW, October 9 (RIA Novosti) - The unmanned aircraft industry rejects the term "drone" [...]

A UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) is a small pilotless aircraft, which is either controlled by a remote or an app. The global unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) market is poised to register a CAGR of 9.27%, during 2018-2023 (the forecast period) as per a report by a market intelligence firm. Military expenditure is the primary driving […]

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