Behind the lens: What drones do beyond images 5-7 minutes Frequently used to capture images and video to show clients and use in marketing materials, drones are becoming more commonplace on jobsites, with 57% of respondents to a recent JBKnowledge 2018 ConTech survey indicating their firms use the technology. Beyond capturing images and video footage, however, […]

How drones are saving millions for construction companies The construction industry might be slow to adopt new technologies, but it’s certainly getting more and more comfortable with drones. In the construction industry, technology has the power to disrupt existing workflows and transform traditional processes — however, most businesses aren’t interested. Using 3D printing, for example, […]

Drones and the ‘Digital Transformation’ of the Construction Industry By Stefan Tasevski Published on August 26, 2018 The digital economy has always had an impact on the traditional economy. Ever since its inception, the impact of the digital economy has been massive. However, the most interesting part of it have always been the new and […]

Eye-in-the-Sky Helps Contractor Finish Major Construction Project Ahead of Schedule Real-time drone data yields 75% cost savings for Chasco Constructors on $29M project Construction crews working on a 50-acre site in Texas earlier this year probably didn’t even notice that one of the project’s most valuable assets was hovering just a few hundred feet overhead. Flying a […]

3 Ways Drone Startups Are Making Dangerous Workplaces Safer Yoav Vilner 5-7 minutes Potential hazards such as loose scaffolding or fuel tank leaks are identified earlier. 5 hours ago 4 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. If you look at the numbers on job-related accidents, something disturbing becomes clear — going to […]

Drones: Will Promise Of Cost-Saving Inspections Fly? This man-vs.-machine contest may have fallen short of the status of a contemporary John Henry tale, but it nevertheless teaches a lesson about inexorable technological progress. Measure, an aerial intelligence company, wanted to know how well its drone could conduct a solar plant’s routine inspection compared to a [...]
How Drones Improve Aggregate Management Asphalt plants can benefit from investing in these tools to help measure stockpiles and more Jessica Lombardo Kespry Drones Mine Management Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) or drones seem to be dominating many conversations in the construction industry. But can a drone help improve your business? Absolutely. The asphalt industry has [...]
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