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There are always so many questions when a new technology is used for services.  We have only a few on this page, so if you have one you don’t see, please contact us so we can better help you.

Our services range from $150 and up.  This price will be negotiated when the specific service is agreed upon.  It is impossible to display a pricing table due to the immense diversity of every job.  There are over 20 factors that come into play every time a job is scheduled, so pricing varies on those factors.  Just call us to discuss.

  • Not Above 400 feet Above Ground Level (AGL)
  • Cannot fly in restricted airspace
  • Not over crowds or unwilling participants.
  • Has to be within Visual line of Sight (VLOS)
  • Bad Weather – high winds, rain, snow, sleet.  Good rule is, if you won’t go out in it, neither will the drone.
  • Restricted areas such as federal land and buildings, Police stations, crowded venues, sporting events.

Note some areas will require an additional area approval, which may delay time anywhere from 48hrs up to 90 business days or more, in special circumstances. Air Reel will provide advice on whether this applies to your specific address.

In G airspace 400 feet AGL or 400 feet radius of a structure and 400 feet above that structure.

Yes, drone accidents can be minimized through safe and professional flight by a FAA certified remote pilot. Commercial drone companies should be insured for liability and indemnify their clients by contract.

Phone or Text – (940) 536-3392

Email – info@airreeltech.com

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