Drones assisting search for missing man in St. Joseph River

Drones assisting search for missing man in St. Joseph River

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BERRIEN COUNTY, Mich. – Search continues for missing man in the St. Joseph River with the help of drones.

A man is still missing after friends and officials dedicated most of the day to finding him.

Michael Scott, 35, went missing on a canoeing trip with friends on Saturday.

Scott is part of the Kalamazoo Paddle Club, a group made up of nearly 2,000 members.

Members of the group said they were shocked that something like this happened to such an experienced swimmer and kayaker.

On Sunday, dozens of the participants of the group searched the water for Scott.

The Great Lakes Drone Company was called in to assist officials with the use of a thermal aerial drone and an underwater drone.

Berrien County Police shared footage with ABC57.

The footage can be found by clicking the link here:

Thermal Aerial Video

Around 2:30 P.M on Sunday, the search was called off.

Many volunteers and friends remained for the search into the night despite not sleeping.

Officials said that the search will resume Monday morning at 8 A.M.

This is a developing story.

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